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Using AI to improve data quality in DataMaker

Enhancing data quality with AI in DataMaker

DataMaker enhances your data generation process by incorporating AI prompts, allowing for more detailed and precise data outputs while using reusable templates. This feature enables you to specify the exact nature of the data you need on top of the general structure defined in your templates.

  1. Accessing AI prompts: navigate to the AI Prompt section through the navigation menu and select one of your templates saved in the Templates section. AIPromptSelection

  2. Specifying data points: define the number of data points you wish to generate. SpecifyDataPoints

  3. Detailing your dataset: enter the specifics of your desired dataset as text input in the Data options field. DetailDataset

  4. Running the AI prompt: click on the “Run Prompt” button to generate your data. Run AI Prompt

  5. Reviewing generated data: the generated data will be displayed on the right side of the window, available in table or JSON format. From here, you can directly export the data or update your template based on the executed prompt. Review Generated Data

Congratulations! You’ve leveraged AI in DataMaker to produce high-quality, detailed datasets, tailoring each export to meet specific requirements.