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Creating a DataMaker account

How to create a new account on DataMaker

Follow these simple steps to set up your new DataMaker account:

  1. Access the DataMaker homepage: navigate to DataMaker’s homepage.

  2. Initiate the Sign-Up process: click on the ‘SignUp’ button located on the top-middle part of the page. SignUpButton

  3. Redirect to Sign-Up page: you will be automatically redirected to the sign-up page at SignUpPage

  1. Enter your details: to register your new account, please fill in the following details:
    • Email address: enter a valid email address.
    • Password: choose a secure password (minimum 6 characters).
    • First name: add your first name.
    • Last name: add your last name.

  1. Complete the Sign-Up: after entering your details, click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

  2. Processing your request: please wait momentarily for the ‘Processing’ indication to complete.

  3. Confirmation of successful Sign-Up: a message stating “Success: Sign up successful!” will appear, confirming the creation of your account. SignUpSucces

  4. Get started with DataMaker: click on “Let’s start data making” to begin using your new account.

Congratulations! You’re all set to explore and utilize DataMaker.