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Exporting data from DataMaker

How to export data in DataMaker

Exporting data from your DataMaker account is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to download your custom data sets:

  1. Accessing your account: first, log into your DataMaker account.

  2. Selecting a template: from the left panel, choose an existing template or create a new one. Template1

  3. Initiating export: in the live preview panel, locate and click on the “Export Data” option. Template2

  4. Choosing the output format: from the “Select Target” drop-down menu, select the desired output format for your data set. Export1

  5. Specifying data points: enter the number of data points you need. This determines the number of rows in your table. Export2

  6. Previewing your data: click on “Preview” to review the data table. This step allows you to check the data before finalizing the export.

  7. Finalizing the export: after reviewing, you can either “Execute” (to save the data set) or “Abort” (to cancel the export action).

  8. Saving the file: in the save as window, choose the destination folder for your file and click “Save”.

  9. Utilizing your data set: your file is now ready and contains the data set for use as needed.

You have successfully exported a data set from DataMaker. This file can now be integrated into your projects or analyzed as per your requirements.