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Welcome to Datamaker

The Ultimate Data Generation Powerhouse

Create tailor-made, realistic data effortlessly with Datamaker App - Ideal for testing, development, and learning.

Datamaker is versatile and user-friendly platform, expertly designed and developed to aid you in effortlessly creating, managing, and monitoring your test data sets. Our expert design ensures a seamless development process, allowing you to achieve efficiency with just a few straightforward clicks.

Datamaker users

Datamaker is made for developers, data scientists and businesses in need of high-quality data sets for testing, development, and learning, DataMaker App eliminates the need for laborious manual data creation or costly data providers.

Why use Datamaker

  • Flexible data generation: Select from an extensive range of data types such as names, addresses, dates, and more to tailor the perfect data set for your requirements.

  • True-to-life data: Our advanced algorithms ensure that the generated data closely mimics real-world data, providing a lifelike experience.

  • Versatile output formats: Seamlessly integrate your data sets into your projects by exporting them in various formats like CSV, JSON, and XML.

  • API integration: Incorporate DataMaker App into your applications with ease through our robust and user-friendly API.

  • Privacy protection: Your data never leaves your device, always safeguarding your privacy.

Who are we

Automators is a leading consultancy in automated, continuous testing of critical systems and processes.

We make developing, maintaining and monitoring business applications exceptionally fast and reliable. From coaching and ongoing quality engineering to continuous integration, we bring unprecedented speed and intelligence to test automation.

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