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Data types documentation

Data types

Welcome to the Data types section, where you can explore various data types available for generating synthetic data. This guide provides an overview of popular data types and additional options.

These popular data types are commonly used for generating synthetic data:

Data typeDescriptionExample
WordsRandom words will be generated”Hello”
NumberGenerates random numbers within a chosen range35
BooleanTrue and False will be used as valuesTrue
AIFor the types that ar not listed here. Write a prompt with description of the data type (e.g. 6-digits binary number)“101010”
CustomAdd your own set of values to be used for that specific field (e.g. “a”,“b”,“c”)“b”
DerivedSpecify the relations between fields. (e.g. {{First Name}}
TemplateUse a Template with other Data Fields nested in the actual field-
API ResponseThe field will be filled with Data received from a given API endpoint (API Response)-
DB ResponseThe field will be filled with Data received from a given DB connection(API Response)-
MappedMap the data fields to new values-


Explore additional data types for more specialized use cases:

Data typeDescriptionExample
UUIDAn universally unique identifier will be created for each entry”c2ea59d3-1ca9-4737-ac84-406928ae98a3”
FloatGenerates random numbers within a chosen range and includes decimals423,841
DateWill generate random dates”02/05/2023”
NameRandom first name + surname for each field”Mr. Luigi Brotta”
First nameHuman first names”Luigi”
Last nameLast names (surnames)“Brotta”
E-mailDataMaker will create a complete e-mail address, but unrelated to other
AddressWill generate street name with number and zip code for each field”83570 Bins Trafficway Apt. 846”
CityRandom city names”Rainbow City”
CountryRandom countries”Burkina Faso”
Phone numberRandom phone numbers”+69-123-456-7890”
Zip codeRandom zip codes”65821”
SexM (masculine) or F (feminine)“Male”
GenderA radnom gender will be allocated to each field”Trans woman”
AvatarURLs to random public avatars from different internet sources will be added
Job titleA random Job Title for each field will be generated”Product mobility associate”
Random stringRandom string within a given range of numbers and characters”EGXT
Account nameDifferent bank account names”Investment Account”
IBANBank accounts in IBAN format will be generated”DE89370400440532013000”
Currency nameRandom full currency names”Pakistan Rupee”
Credit card numberRandom card numbers”1234-5678-9012-3456”
Account numberRandom identifier for accounts or profiles”12345678”
PasswordRandom string simulating user passwords”AociFM7CDlODf5T”
Domain nameSynthetic web address for testing websites””
ColorRandom codes representing a color”#FF5733”
EmojiRandom emojis”😄“
IPv4Synthetic numerical IP address for networking””
MAC addressSynthetic hardware address for networking”00:1A:2B:3C:4D:5E”
URLRandom web address for link testing
ProductRandom names for products or items”Sausage”
DepartmentCategory or department name”Computers”
Product nameRandom description of a product or item”Generic Soft Cheese”
DatetimeSynthetic date and time value for testing”2023-09-16T19:27:42.649Z”
MonthRandom month name”February”
WeekdayRandom day of the week”Wednesday”
Time zoneSynthetic time zone identifier for testing”Europe/Warsaw”
LoremRandom latina text commonly used as a placeholder”Tergum adsuesco arca taedium conicio umbra vae.”
RegExpSynthetic regular expression pattern for testing”###test4”
MongoDB ObjectIDSynthetic identifier used in MongoDB databases”9bdb767fbf3efacb1bb529f6”
NullPlaceholder for missing or null datanull
NestedComplex data structure for testing and development-

That concludes our overview of data types available in DataMaker. With these versatile options, you can easily generate synthetic data for various purposes, from testing to development. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for choosing DataMaker!